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Electronics, Telecom and Computing are ever more vital sectors in a fast paced and competitive environment. We take logistics one step further by providing consultancy services that aid our clients in saving costs, maximizing their profits and launching products in destination countries at the same time as these products are launched globally.


We allow you and your business to have confident knowing that all logistics needs are being handled by reliable and excellent professionals.

Minimized work function

No more need to invest in transportation, warehouse space, technology and staff to execute essential logistical and supply chain management processes.

Top performance

Whatever you expect or your objective, there will always be a solution at Super light. We are branded by bringing the happiness for our Clients.

Reduced time and cost

Minimum Time & Cost allows your business to develop a stronger logistical network higher returns and lower risks.


We always care about the safety of our clients’ products. We have fully responsibility of our clients’ damaged products and other accidental cases.

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All the movement of goods & products on our planet are carried out only by transportation. For a shipment of goods from one place to another, we all basically use Land Transport (Truck & Train), Water Transport (Vessels & Ships) and Air Transport (Planes) all over the world. For Myanmar, here is Super Light Logistics who can effectively help you in your all transport scopes.


Leaving of goods out of a country or Entering of goods into a country simply means the Export/Import Process. All the Export/Import processes in Myanmar are carried out whether only by Sea freight, air freight or border trade and Super Light logistics offers the perfect solution to every Myanmar Exporters & Importers.


Warehousing is the primary need for all kinds of business especially in trading, logistics & supply chain sector. Thus why, Super Light provides the perfect solution of warehousing services to each and every customer in loading, unloading, storage & maintaining of various product categories. Our warehouses are fashioned with flexible and effective multi-user storage system.


Our DC located in Yangon and its distribution network will be covered the whole Myanmar. 3 Main DCs are ready to render your supply chain process which are centralized in Mandalay, Mawlamyaing and Yangon


If you have even no experience in export/import business or no company’s registration, Super Light Logistics will offer the following very first requirements for that. They are-
• Basically, to either export or import goods from Myanmar, a company must register itself with the Directorate of Investment and Company Administration (DICA) up to five years.
• Once registered with the DICA, a company must then register themselves with Myanmar’s Department of Trade (under the Ministry of Commerce).
• Registrations with the Department of Trade are limited to three year periods and cost Kyat 50,000 (US$36.50) per year.
• All exporters and importers are also required to join the Myanmar Federation of Chambers of Commerce and Industry (UMFCCI).
Yes, don’t worry, Super Light will do all these basic steps on behalf of our clients.

1. Import license (Original)
2. Invoice & Packing list (Original)
3. Sale contract (Original)
4. Company registration set (Original)
5. UMFCCI member card (Copy)
6. Export/Import license (Copy)
7. Shipping documents set (Original)
To import goods into Myanmar, a company must provide an import declaration form called CUSDEC—1 Import Declaration Form as well as the CUSDEC—4 Customs Valuation Form. Importers require these additional documents: 
      • Import License; (Original)
      • Invoice; (Original)
      • Bill of lading, air consignment note, or truck note; (Original)
      • Cargo release order; (Original)
      • Terminal handling report; (Original)
      • Packing list; (Original)
      • Technical standard and health certificate (when required) and;
      • Recommendation from concerned ministry (when required).The importer must present these documents to customs officials when imported goods arrive in Myanmar.

To export goods from Myanmar, a company must provide an export declaration form called CUSDEC—2 as well as the CUSDEC—4 Customs Valuation Form. Exporters require these additional documents: Export license; (Original)
       • Invoice; (Original)
       • Bill of lading; (Original)
       • Packing list; (Original)
       • Sales contract; (Original)
       • Shipping instructions; (Original)
       • Letter of credit or general Remittance or Exemption Certificate; (Original)
       • Sample of goods;
       • Fumigation certificate (when required);
       • Phytosanitary certificate (when required)
       • Recommendation from concerned ministry (when required).
The exporter must present these documents to customs officials before exported goods leave Myanmar.

Firstly, Super Light will checks that the required documents are completed.
• If Yes, we give the fastest shipment as we can to meet the need of our Clients.
• Or in other condition, we help you to accomplish your documentation processes with quick access and care your cargo not to delay to the final destination.

Yes, we do. Even if in natural disastrous Condition, Super Light Logistics offers 100 % damage guarantee to all of our responsible products when no one else could give within Myanmar.

Super Light provides both manual data sharing system (Via by Ph., Email, etc.) and automatic data sharing system (GPS, ERP system, etc.) by heading to zero gap in every operation steps.

Yes, we provide services on any type of cargo sizes & capacities because we are looking for long term relationship and our customer satisfaction is our 1st priority.

Surely, we give. Our services start for consulting to your final destination.

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